Trainer at Jacaranda Health

Job Description

Job Summary

Jacaranda Health  in collaboration with county governments and learning institutions  is  involved in carrying out training that is geared to improving EmONC( Emergency Obstetric and Neonatal Care)  knowledge and skill  among healthcare  providers working in the reproductive and maternal units . This role is meant to ensure that all EmONC trainings are conducted within the stipulated quality standards and timelines

Primary duty : Planning and carrying out training, preparing all reports post training, analyzing training outcomes and developing ways to improve Jacaranda Health training.

Secondary duty: Providing support to new  lead mentors being onboarded  into various new counties

Location: Based in Nairobi, Kenya.

Reports to: Program Manager, Training

Preferred start date: July 2023

Main Responsibilities


  • Participate in the assessment process in line with the participants selection criteria  for specific training by working with the programs team  to ensure the right audience attend the training
  • Participate in planning  for training -within the organization,  at the counties, learnings and private institutions by collaborating with the Programs managers & team to come up with schedules for timely and smooth implementation
  • Planning for Virtual CMEs( Continuous Medical Education) and webinars on request and making sure the CPD( Continuous professional development) codes are requested from the Nursing council of Kenya by collaborating with the programs team in order to  ascertain easy flow of training  sessions and smooth execution of the task.
  • Manage inventories in the training/simulation center and ensure the training materials and equipment are complete and  in good working condition ready for next training  by updating the inventory  trackers weekly
  • Participate in Innovative  training approaches by coming up with different ways of impacting knowledge such as virtual Continuous medical Education and Digital EmONC learning training assistant( DELTA) to improve knowledge and skills of health care providers
  • Ensuring that all the training content is updated by participating in the review and development of  EmONC content for the mentorship program (i.e. develop content for CME (Continuous Medical Education), drills, timetables, evaluation tools and DELTA(digital EmONC learning and training  Assistant)) with reference to the relevant ministry of health guidelines


  • Conduct  training in Jacaranda Health, so as to equip the participants with necessary knowledge and skill needed to give quality and  safe care to mothers and babies  as well as mentor their peers.
  • Preparing the participant certificates and ensuring they are signed  by the relevant county management teams by liaising with the  Senior Regional coordinators.
  • Supporting , supervising and orienting the newly employed lead  mentors  and programs officers  to ensure they are on boarded smoothly to a point where they  run the assigned counties effectively by conducting training and coaching  the Infacility mentors at the facility level .
  • Ensure the training content is delivered within the stipulated quality assurance guidelines.
  • Monitoring 
  • Ensuring that Key performance indicators are attained in every training by timely delivering the pretest and posttest to  evaluate the participants to measure the success of the training and ensuring the content has been well understood by the trainees
  • With the support of Lead Mentors,  identify and address knowledge & skills gaps from the baseline and midline assessments of set tests to make sure the right CMEs content is captured .
  • Conducting baseline and end line examinations during training by teaming up with the other trainers to administer pretest and posttest to the participant inorder to assess the knowledge and skills competencies of the trainees


  • Compiling both external and internal reports immediately after the training  by ensuring all the activities are captured, well analyzed  and  evaluations are  correctly recorded thus provide  a comprehensive  view of how the training was conducted
  • Perform other  job related duties as assigned.


  • Bachelor’s degree / Diploma   in nursing or midwifery or clinical medicine  or its equivalent
  • Emergency obstetric and neonatal care(EMONC) skills and Mentorship training
  • Registered by the relevant professional body
  • At least 1 years experience as a confirmed Jacaranda health EmONC lead Mentor with timely updated facility and county data as per the indicator dashboards or 2 years work experience in the reproductive health field
  • Excellent Facilitation / training skills
  • Excellent report writing skills
  • Budget management skills.
  • Quality assurance in training
  • Tech savvy, proficient in MS( microsoft office )  Office and G-Suite (Excel, PowerPoint and Google Sheets) and basic understanding of data analysis using excel or any other software
  • Flexible and able to adapt to short notice changes including travel whenever required
  • Leadership skills
  • Critical and strategic thinking
  • Problem solving skills
  • Communication and interpersonal skills
  • Conflict Resolution skills
  • Planning and organizational skills
  • People management skills.
  • Upholds high levels of Integrity and is  reliable
  • Proactive with ability to pay attention to detail
  • A willingness to learn.
  • Ability to work effectively with teams in a culturally diverse environment

Terms of Engagement

One year contract, renewable.

Interested applicants should submit a letter of interest and current Curriculum Vitae not later than 16th June 2023