Policy Research Specialist at Educate

August 24, 2023

Job Description

Performance Objectives

Conduct primary research with government partners

  • Support the design of research projects to answer pressing program and policy questions, including user needs assessment, scoping, formative and summative evaluations, drawing on various qualitative and quantitative methods
  • Work closely with Product and Expansion staff to design research projects that meet the needs of internal and external audiences and users.
  • Coordinate with Tech, Performance metrics and Evaluation functions to integrate monitoring/evaluation data into research
  • Oversee planning and execution of Educations System Support-related research projects
  • Manage internal teams, teams of government representatives, and external consultants to execute data collection and analysis
  • Ensure research collects high quality data and accurate
  • Lead analysis of data from primary research to generate conclusions and recommendation to inform advocacy strategy and meet needs of intended users

Generate insight from primary data and existing literature

  • Conduct literature reviews of current evidence on best practices in education policy and system change
  • Write policy briefs and benchmarking reports summarizing key policy lessons from current literature.
  • Lead process of using program data to generate insights on what works, helping teams determine the “so what” from data
  • Conduct deep dives to into primary program data to respond rapidly to strategic program performance questions

Policy analysis for advocacy

  • Conduct desk research to understand national policy objectives, priorities, and inform Educate! Strategy
  • Monitor the policy landscape in priority countries and gather information, providing recommendations on advocacy opportunities and risks.
  • Create briefs and concept notes geared towards policy makers that share Educate!’s work in innovations, so that the government is informed and brought along on our learning journey.
  • Create government partnership proposals (aligned to national educational policy frameworks and using government language)
  • Write thought leadership and insight pieces

Collaborative with Policy and Partnerships staff to build government (research) partnerships

  • Oversee research-focused interactions with government partners, including scoping meetings, workshops, and dissemination activities
  • In process of setting research objectives and designing research, ensure the buy-in of government partners by including them in each step of research process
  • Support government partners’ professional development by bringing them opportunities to participate in research.
  • Work on a cross functional team with that strategically solves problems related to government partnership and advocacy


  • Excited about translating research into action and work with government partners in multiple countries as we grow
  • Experience working in a company or organization that has experienced high growth – adopting new systems and structures as part of the growth.
  • Strong orientation to team culture and cross-functional work
  • Master’s degree or equivalent work experience in a field like policy research, research methods, or public policy.
  • Ability to effectively multi-task; keen attention to detail and commitment to a quality work product.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication abilities; good writing skills and ability to distill technical research for a policy audience in written and Powerpoint form.
  • Able to take  several viewpoints and include them in research. .